Classic/ Advance/ Intense/ Keratin Treatments

Hair Treatments Short   Long  
  Before 7% GST After 7% GST Before 7% GST After 7% GST
Pre-Chemical Hair Treatment $38 $40.65 $48 $51.35
Classic Hair Treatment $68 $72.75 $88 $94.15
Advance Hair Treatment $88 $94.15 $108 $115.55
Intense Hair Treatment $108 $115.55 $128 $136.95
Restructure Hair Treatment $148 $158.35 $168 $179.75
Keratin Hair Treatment $350 $374.50 $500 $535

Cleanse/ Cutting/ Occasion Styling In Styles

Our highly trained crews specialize in precision haircuts blending with an instinct of understanding in the fashion industries. Walk out from our salons looking chic is our forte.

Ombre/ Highlighting/ Balayage Colourings

Be it subtle or creative colors. Our award-winning hair stylist have both the technical toolkit and inspiration for the best combinations to achieve the look you always wanted.

Classic/ Digital/ Volume/ Korean Perms

From a classic perm to the latest perming trends, we recommend and select the best types of perming techniques that suits your characteristics and lifestyle habits. Our sense of taste will make your charisma into another level without any hesitation.

Straightening/ Soft / Volume/ Keratin Rebond

Change the touch of your hair from ruins to your rhythm with the most innovative blends of hair bond products with our delicate highly skilled service crews. You are in the ultimate care because we take your hair seriously in our hands.

Classic/ Advance/ Intense/ Keratin Treatments

Bounce with a smooth flow of hair strands. Specifically customize holistic salon treatment menu to hold that healthier, smooth and shine hair strands. Walking down the streets like a supermodel after a hair treats day with us.

Classic/ Advance/ Herbal/ Clinical Therapies

From basic maintenance to high technological therapies. From exfoliating your scalp to infusing in depth minerals into scalp follicles with sufficient nutrients. Having the healthiest scalp is no longer a myth with our scalp therapies by our experienced scalp specialist.