VITAS STEM HAIR GROWTH AMPOULE is a stem that increases follicular density and also reduces the time period between hair loss.Not forgetting it does miracles in hair re-growth leading to fuller and denser hair.

It recreates the optimal environment of stem cells in hair follicles revitalizing hair that has become dormant. Penetrating into the pores and also with VITAS STEM HAIR GROWTH AMPOULE works from inside out.

RUBY-CELL scalp treatment from Korea is extracted from Korean stem cell bank. Which is suitable for all scalp type and those with problems like hair loss, hair thinning, sensitive scalp etc.

By using Micro Magnetic Air Brush it can directly supply the cell with water, oxygen and nutrients to increase the effectiveness of the whole treatment. Create cell reproduction to activate self repair. Which help rebalance most scalp problem. Improvement of general scalp problem, as self repair increase skin elasticity, lessen skin dryness and roughness. At the same time encouraging hair growth and strengthen weaken follicles.
(RUBY-CELL scalp treatment)