Your hair is your crowning glory, but bad hair days are inevitable and they can make you feel like going through a typhoon disaster. It is important to note that one of the most common factors that contribute to the said predicament is brittle and frizzy hair. This is usually caused by prolonged sun exposure, chemical services, unsuitable hair products and improper use of hair styling gadgets, among others. Improper use of hair styling gadgets, in particular, has been the main culprit in recent times as curling irons, hair straighteners, and blow dryers rise in popularity.

Your head is the most important part of your body. There are no excuses not to take care of it to have healthy locks of hair. It’s not a easy task to maintain your scalp due to hectic lifestyle thus an hour of appointment with us every 2-3 weeks is the solution to solve your scalp and hair issues.

Adding on to above, you may also use suitable home care products and massage your head while washing whether you’re doing this alone or with someone else, head massages should be a part of your daily hair routine. I like to massage my scalp at the end of the day, so it doubles up as a bit of stress relief too.

Working with efficient products, divide your head roughly into quarters and gently massage each section with circular movements and right strength . You can massage your scalp either with one hand or both. Then finally finish by massaging the base of your neck.

If you’re finding your hair gets tangled as you massage, don’t try and drag your fingers through your hair. You’re likely to cause breakage and knots, simply choose the right non oily hair conditioner or mask and comb through using a wide comb afterwards.

Gently extract your fingers from your hair and go in again fingertips first. Of course, head massages are likely to mess up any styling you have, which is why we suggest to do this at the end of the day.